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He explained everything to me and was helpful to me and my family. Tristan was personable, professional, knowledgeable and explained everything with great clarity. He knew the answers to my questions and was very attentive the whole time. It was a pleasure to have him in my home.


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Epic rides for motorcycle mavens.


Machu Picchu, Capital of the Incas

Backpacking Machu Picchu, Capital of the Incas

The stones felt like history preserved through time. I reminded myself that this city was built to be a safe haven from the encroaching Conquistadors, intentionally hidden deep within the Andes with the explicit purpose to never be discovered.

Many tourists forego backpacking up the Inca Trail in favor of a bus ride from Aguas Calientes. I won’t argue against that approach, but taking a bus to the city foregoes the powerful sense of accomplishment one feels at witnessing the sun rise above the city from the Sun Gate after 4 days of 30+ strenuous miles.