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From the Forbes article, Emotional Intelligence – EQ in the

“TalentSmart tested emotional intelligence alongside 33 other important workplace skills, and found that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs.”

“[…] 90% of top performers are also high in emotional intelligence. On the flip side, just 20% of bottom performers are high in emotional intelligence.”

“[…] The link between emotional intelligence and earnings is so direct that every point increase in emotional intelligence adds $1,300 to an annual salary. These findings hold true for people in all industries, at all levels, in every region of the world. We haven’t yet been able to find a job in which performance and pay aren’t tied closely to emotional intelligence.”

“Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence as the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack.”

Before you justifiably roll your eyes at my audacity for suggesting I have a high EQ (the arrogance!), allow me to defend myself:

I few months before I decided to venture beyond my then-occupation as the Global Marketing Manager for SoftwareONE, I was selected by the HR team to participate in their Leadership Development Workshop. At 28, the youngest employee in the company to be selected, I sat alongside mentors who actively promoted my career just two years earlier, as well as Country Leaders who flew in from all corners of the world.

Leading up to that workshop, for four years I built SoftwareONE’s global marketing practice from the rubble that was left before me. My team and I succeeded so well that eventually the company’s European investors insisted we hire a CMO to “pragmatize” our blossoming marketing department. Over the course of that year, my Harvard and MIT graduate supervisor, Lawrence Schwartz, enhanced my marketing toolbelt significantly, sending me to workshops and conferences to harness my guerrilla marketing tactics (i.e., to learn about reporting KPIs).

Fast forward to April 2017. When it became clear that I was being groomed for middle management at the expense of my true passion of content development, I decided to embark on my Motorcycle Roadtrip Around the Country. This adventure lead me to my now employer, Enjoy Technologies, where I work on the other side of the Marketing-Sales wall: Where I once built a career as the supporting force to the sales division operating “in-the-trenches,” I have now built a home within that trench, applying my valuable experience as a Marketer to my role as an Enjoy Field Expert.

Coming full circle, being able to succeed in two separate disciplines with two separate companies requires the ideal EQ cocktail described in the Forbes article above, and more importantly, is the ideal combination for fulfilling the vision I have as an Independent Contractor for Harley-Davidson’s Marketing team.

But the proof is in the writing. See below a small sample of surveys submitted from my clients after our visits: