Motorcycle Diaries: Videos, Thoughts, and Meanderings

6 months + 15,000 miles + 34 states = 1 wild ride

A screenshot from Google maps when I finished my ride.

Motorcycle Roadtrip Montage

Some of my favorite shots using the DJI Mavic Pro around the country, a ride of 6 months, 34 states, and 15,000 miles on the back of trusty ol’ Bonne.

Key Biscayne Bridge, Miami

My first foray into the world of droning, which by itself is its own endeavor. let alone part of an extended roadtrip on a motorcycle. I didn’t exactly have saddle bags the entire time. Toss in the time it takes to set-up and tear down, let alone lugging the equipment up and down mountains, into and out of Canyons. My favorite parts are storyboarding a series of shots, video compositing and editing (Adobe Premiere Pro). The actual flying of the drone is…too intense to enjoy.

Point Arena Lighthouse

Cruisin’ along the pacific coast’s PCH, Hwy 1. Point Arena is the western-most point on the continental US, its underwater cables stretching to Hawaii.


Faith and I playing with the Mavic Pro in our favorite field.

Summitting Mount Evans, Colorado

One of the few 13ers in Colorado, I climbed to the tippy top, then across to another summit that looked very much like the Black Bridge of Mordor.

Ride to the Mount Evans Summit

A road scaled around the mountain to a lot at the top, with another few hundred feet to climb to the summit. My GPS boasted a 55 minute scramble to the top, I cut that down to under 30.

Spikeball Redondo Beach

Using the Mavic Pro’s “Point-of-Interest” Intelligent Flight Mode to perform circles around our Spikeball game.

Louisiana Bayou

Footage of a Louisiana Bayou before heading into New Orleans midway through a long ride from Tampa Bay to Dallas.

Riding Through the California Sequoias

Hwy 198 through Sequoia National Park has been on my Motorcycle Motivation List for a hot second. The ride was every bit as legendary as the hype suggests – lots of technical turns, mammoth trees, and breathtaking nature all in a two hour ride.

20K Wrenching at Moto Republic, LA

Getting some knowledge dropped on me for my 20,000 mile service at Moto Republic, Los Angeles.