Motorcycle Roadtrip

6 months. 15,000 miles. 34 states.

4/1/2017 – 10/1/17. Each dot is a night.

Motorcycle Roadtrip Montage

An amalgamation of my favorite shots around the US. Thinking up the shots, flying the Mavic Pro, and editing the videos afterward was rewarding in and of itself, but super time consuming and a huge learning curve. It cannot be understated the intensity of flying a drone while riding a motorcycle, gtfo with any thoughts to the contrary.

Outer Banks, North Carolina | April 22

Riding up a thin strip of land on the edge of the east coast, which requires a ferry to get to and from the chain of islands.

Miami to Key Biscayne | May 13

Two months into the ride I rolled into Miami Beach, I met a dude flying a drone off Key Biscayne beach, and we linked up the next day to shoot this gem. I scooped one up before departing Florida and taught myself to fly.

I didn’t exactly have saddle bags the entire time. Toss in the time it takes to set-up and tear down, let alone lugging the equipment up and down mountains, into and out of the Canyon, through swamps and deserts and forests, and you’ll have a rough idea what it was like to lug so much equipment across the country.

Bobber Promo, Miami| May 20

Thanks to the Triple Triumph Miami crew for lettin’ peel out on their new Triumph Bobber.

Miami Beach Sunrise | May 25

Memorial Day 2017. Last day in Miami, catching the sunrise before riding to Tampa Bay through Alligator Alley.

Clearwater Beach, Tampa Bay | May 29

Cruisin’ through lowkey Tampa Bay.

Fort De Soto, Florida | May 30

Manatees everywhere! Unfortunately I didn’t capture any on film, but they’re there I swear 😂

Louisiana Bayou | June 8

Riding through a bonafide bayou on my way into New Orleans.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans| June 9

Sights and sounds of Bourbon Street.

Ride to Mount Evans | June 23

A road scaled around the mountain to a lot at the top, with another few hundred feet to climb to the summit. My GPS boasted a 55 minute scramble to the top, I cut that down to under 30.

Summitting Mount Evans | June 24

One of the few 13ers in Colorado, I climbed to the tippy top, then across to another summit that looked very much like the Black Bridge of Mordor.

Utah River Byway | June 30

One of the few 13ers in Colorado, I climbed to the tippy top, then across to another summit that looked very much like the Black Bridge of Mordor.

20K Wrenching at Moto Republic, LA | July 9

Getting some knowledge dropped on me for my 20,000 mile service at Moto Republic, Los Angeles.

Spikeball Redondo Beach | July 14

Using the Mavic Pro’s Auto-Flight Mode to circle around some beach time.

Point Arena Lighthouse | July 19

I came across a lighthouse while cruising up the PCH, its underwater cables stretching to Hawaii. Point Arena is the western-most town on the west coast.

Sequoia National Park | July 20

Hwy 198 through Sequoia National Park has been on my Motorcycle Motivation List for a hot second. The ride was every bit as legendary as the hype suggests – lots of technical turns, mammoth trees, and breathtaking nature all in a two hour ride.