Motorcycle Roadtrip

6 months. 15,000 miles. 34 states.

Screenshot from Google maps 4/1/2017 – 10/1/17. Each dot is a night.

Motorcycle Roadtrip Montage

An amalgamation of my favorite shots around the US. I loved storyboarding a series of shots, flying the Mavic Pro, and editing the videos in Adobe Premiere Pro. The intensity of flying a drone while riding a motorcycle cannot be understated.

Outer Banks, North Carolina | April 22

Riding up a thin strip of land on the edge of the east coast, which requires a ferry to get to and from the chain of islands.

Miami to Key Biscayne | May 13

Two months into the ride I rolled into Miami Beach, I met a dude flying a drone off Key Biscayne beach, and we linked up the next day to shoot this gem. I scooped one up before departing Florida and taught myself to fly.

I didn’t exactly have saddle bags the entire time. Toss in the time it takes to set-up and tear down, let alone lugging the equipment up and down mountains, into and out of the Canyon, through swamps and deserts and forests, and you’ll have a rough idea what it was like to lug so much equipment across the country.

Bobber Promo, Miami| May 20

Thanks to the Triple Triumph Miami crew for lettin’ peel out on their new Triumph Bobber.

Miami Beach Sunrise | May 25

Memorial Day 2017. Last day in Miami, catching the sunrise before riding to Tampa Bay through Alligator Alley.

Clearwater Beach, Tampa Bay | May 29

Cruisin’ through lowkey Tampa Bay.

Fort De Soto, Florida | May 30

Manatees everywhere! Unfortunately I didn’t capture any on film, but they’re there I swear 😂

Louisiana Bayou | June 8

Riding through a bonafide bayou on my way into New Orleans.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans| June 9

Sights and sounds of Bourbon Street.

Ride to Mount Evans | June 23

A road scaled around the mountain to a lot at the top, with another few hundred feet to climb to the summit. My GPS boasted a 55 minute scramble to the top, I cut that down to under 30.

Summitting Mount Evans | June 24

One of the few 13ers in Colorado, I climbed to the tippy top, then across to another summit that looked very much like the Black Bridge of Mordor.

Utah River Byway | June 30

One of the few 13ers in Colorado, I climbed to the tippy top, then across to another summit that looked very much like the Black Bridge of Mordor.

20K Wrenching at Moto Republic, LA | July 9

Getting some knowledge dropped on me for my 20,000 mile service at Moto Republic, Los Angeles.

Spikeball Redondo Beach | July 14

Using the Mavic Pro’s Auto-Flight Mode to circle around some beach time.

Point Arena Lighthouse | July 19

I came across a lighthouse while cruising up the PCH, its underwater cables stretching to Hawaii. Point Arena is the western-most town on the west coast.

Sequoia National Park | July 20

Hwy 198 through Sequoia National Park has been on my Motorcycle Motivation List for a hot second. The ride was every bit as legendary as the hype suggests – lots of technical turns, mammoth trees, and breathtaking nature all in a two hour ride.