Kind Words from Mentors, Colleagues, & Clients

Grit, growth-mindset, and a positive attitude aren’t acquired with degrees and certifications; rather, they’re earned through the immeasurable experience of collaborating others in the workplace. Please see below for a collection of prfoessional references and client surveys from my time at Enjoy Technology and SoftwareONE.

Lawrence Schwartz, CMO SoftwareONE
“I had the privilege of supervising Tristan as he developed into the Global Marketing Manager role at SoftwareONE. When I joined the company in 2016, Tristan had already had a number of successful efforts he has been spearheading in the organization. This included a nontrivial effort to develop coordination across the decentralized marketing teams operating in 30+ countries, the maintenance of the company’s first blog, which he introduced, and the ongoing implementation of the firm’s initial marketing automation platform (HubSpot). His ability to communicate across a diverse range of cultures and personalities enabled the global marketing team to come together for the first time in the company’s history. Tristan confronts each new project and challenge with an open mind, knowing that a creative and positive attitude achieves the best results. In addition to being a valuable strategic planner, he also worked directly with the country-level teams to train them on the inbound marketing methodology and associated software, developed the content for cross-channel distribution in each campaign, and delivered the results in effective KPI reports.” Read full quote on my LinkedIn

Colleen Paavola, HR Data Analyst SoftwareONE
“Tristan is a superb performer and far exceeds expectations with his writing and communications skills. He is extremely well organized and detail oriented in his approach to global projects. He masters projects quickly due to his keen intellect and carries them out in a precise and error free manner. He completes projects with thoroughness and efficiency, as we pride in a sense of urgency. Tristan’s consistently positive attitude and air of calm confidence enables him to comfortably interface with global leadership, colleagues and publishers.” Read full quote on my LinkedIn

Alan Pennington, Regional Operations Manager, Enjoy Technology
“I had the privilege of working with Tristan from an operational standpoint on Enjoy’s landmark partnership with Google in the San Francisco Bay Area. He regularly displayed a professional, upbeat attitude, and would often go out of his way to ensure his colleagues were well-versed in the day’s objectives. He observed and followed operational processes and procedures with respect and consistency, understanding that a single misstep could have a dramatic compounding effect to our backend systems.” Read full quote on my LinkedIn

Meredith Eisgrau, Field Operations Partner, Enjoy Technology
“Tristan and I worked together during a company expansion project. His professionalism and enthusiasm allowed us to complete our objectives while keeping the work quality high. Tristan’s flexibility and problem-solving approach throughout gave our team bandwidth we did not previously have. He was dedicated and followed up even after the work was complete. His drive and ambition were the keys to our teams’ success on this venture.” Read full quote on my LinkedIn