I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tristan for several months while he was on a transfer assignment in the Bay Area. He was always courteous, respectful and had a great attitude. Tristan had excellent time management skills. Regardless of the workload placed on Tristan, he always found a way to finish his work accurately and on time. He also was more than willing to help others. On numerous occasions when I was short staffed, Tristan volunteered to work before and after his shifts on my team and he did a great job. Great team player.

Laila Atassi | Head of Fulfillment Operations, Enjoy Technology

Tristan is a superb performer and far exceeds expectations with his writing and communication skills. He is extremely well organized and detail oriented in his approach to global projects. He masters projects quickly due to his keen intellect and carries them out in a precise and error free manner. He completes projects with thoroughness and efficiency, as we pride in a sense of urgency. Tristan’s consistently positive attitude and air of calm confidence enables him to comfortably interface with global leadership, colleagues, and publishers.

Colleen Paavol | Global HR Coordinator, SoftwareONE

When I joined SoftwareONE, Tristan already had a number of successful effots he had been spearheading in the organization. This included a nontrivial effort to develop coordination across the decentralized marketing teams operating in 30+ countries, the maintenance of the company’s first blog, which he introduced, and the opening implementation of the firm’s initial marketing automation platform. In addition to being a valuable strategic planner, he also worked directly with the country-level teams to train them on the inbound marketing methodology and associated software, developed the content for cross-channel distribution, and delivered the results in effective KPI reports. Tristan’s robust skillsets, passion, and insights will make him a valuable asset for any team and organization.

Lawrence Schwartz | Chief Marketing Officer, SoftwareONE